GREENFIELD’S ENTERPRISE – S.P.O.K. – Safe Play Officials for Kids Leadership Program for 4th and 5th Graders


The mission of the Safe Play Officials for Kids (SPOK) is an exciting opportunity for students to have a leadership and positive role in their school environment. The SPOK program will equip the students with essential tools and skills necessary to help solve peer conflicts and minor disagreements.

They will learn primary job skills such as showing up, taking care of job responsibilities and cleaning up after themselves. SPOK’s will learn how to set up games and activities and helping other children play safely. SPOK’s will learn oratorical techniques, negotiation skills, organizing and how to problem solve.

SPOK’s will also take action in leading and creating new games for students to enjoy during their recess period and Class Bonding Periods. SPOK’s will help maintain inventory of equipment and keep their school environment clean, safe and attractive. SPOK’s must maintain and fulfill all academic requirements while serving as a SPOK.


• Peer mediation and settling conflicts.

• Lead various activities on the playground

• Distribute the sports equipment at recesses.

• Put equipment away when the recess times are over.

• Attend weekly trainings.

• Maintain excellent academic and behavior status

• Lead Class Bonding Periods

• Assist in lining students up during the end of Recess


Candidates for SPOK are for the 4th-5th grade students. Students interested in becoming a SPOK will express their interest to Captain Kurk. Students will be selected based upon Captain Kurk’s observation and considerable recommendations from teachers. Students will complete the SPOK application to begin the training process. Parents of the students selected shall complete the parent permission form. Students selected shall meet their academic responsibilities during their service. SPOK’s will report directly to Captain Kurk and appointed members of the student council.